EA Sports introduced female football teams onto the popular game for the very first time, and it seems they are building on that idea in their next installment - FIFA 17.The first new team set to be included in FIFA 17 later this year has been confirmed and its the womens Norwegian international side who are to be introduced into the game. While there has been no official announcement from EA SPORTS on the decision to bring in the Norway womens side a post to Instagram from player Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg.

Has confirmed their involvement.In the image the Fifa Coins midfielder is clearly hooked up to the EA SPORTS facial capture studio, a piece of technology used by the developer that has become an identifiable part of the Fifa design experience. The information not only shows that the Norway womens team will be in the game but also confirms that EA will be further expanding the options available in the womens options on the game.

FIFA 16 contained 12 womens international sides Fifa 17 Coins including England and the USA, and it seems the developer are keen on making that area of their game bigger in the next instalment.Its still early of course and theres plenty of time for FIFA 17 to announce other new leagues and teams to be included, but its clear that EA are eager on further building their arsenal of teams in time for release at the end of September.

So more womens teams on the way, but who else will be added?This week Gfinity Play Like a Legend is back with Season 2, twelve of the best FIFA Ultimate Team players will be competing for a $7,000 prize pool at the Gfinity Arena on Saturday March 26th.
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