Other choices will include players such Cheap Fifa 17 Coins as Cristiano Ronaldo. What EA Sports will obviously do though is to look at what players are popular and pick from there. That would include players such as James Rodriguez who appears to already be seen as a choice by some.FIFA 16 marketing on the build up to the next release will focus on the cover stars of the game, as we see every year. Well get to see who will feature on FIFA 17s cover as the hype starts to build up, but at this time of year we are likely to be kept waiting.For now, well no doubt hear rumours of who the cover star will be, and if Messi has been chosen again. Until then though there will be plenty of other players to choose from.Who do you think will be on the cover of FIFA 17? Let us know your thoughts below.

Learn how to earn FIFA 16 Coins in an easy way by playing FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. Here is a guide written by a community fan on how to earn coins by playing the Starter Cup offline tournament in FUT 16. Using this tutorial you will be able to earn minimum 2,000 FIFA 16 coins everyday in an easy way without spending so much effort for playing the FUT game.Starter Cup TournamentThe Starter Cup tournament is available in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team which offers you 500 coins for winning the title. The difficulty of this tournament in Single Player mode is Amateur, which means you can win it easily even with a bronze squad.

By playing 4 games in Starter Cup Buy Fifa 17 Coins tournaments earn almost 2,100 coins for each time you win the title. That means every time you win this single player tournament you get 2,100 of FIFA coins.Your SquadTo form your squad you can use your players from the free Starter Pack when start the Ultimate Team. The players you get in the Starter Pack have 45 contacts with them. Use all of these players to form your squad for playing the Starter Cup tournament. By doing this, you spend technically no coins to form a team which is able to take on 45 matches. 45 matches can be used to play this tournament for 11 times.

Let say every time you win this tournament you earn min. 2100 coins, so by playing this tournament for 11 times you will be earning minimum 23,000 FIFA coins.Tips for Playing the TournamentAs the difficulty of the Starter Cup (Offline mode) is set to Amateur, you can score goals easily. This could help you to spend less time for playing. In the first half you can score 4 or 5 goals and then leave the game to your players for the second half  You can just be there to skip the scenes. The thing is that the Amateur level of A.I.

In offline mode is so poor that it hardly can score a goal against you, even when youre not controlling your squad. So if youre leading by 4 goals, the A.I. team wont be able to take the lead back from you. So, by doing this you only spend a few minutes to score 4 or 5 goals and it helps you to make more than 440 coins in each game. Keep playing the all 4 games like this until you win the tournament and when you win it, start playing it again and again.Other Benefits Earning more XP and FCC by winning the tournament title Improving your FUT Record Getting a better rank in FIFA 16 Leaderboards list.
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