Log more stats of all players in Fifa Coins your club including the likes of pass completion, tackles, dribbles completed etc more freedom in player positioning in particular wingers need to be able to play on the left and the right as most wingers alternate sides  position changes could also be good for example many DMs cover at CB for their clubs.  reward very loyal customers of fifa points with better fifa 16 packs or with the option to buy packs with only high rated rare players. customise formations with in reason players should be able to customise players position within a formation (providing players are still in the stated formation  make work rates editable…..either for free or introduce work rate cards  any player should be able to reach full chemistry of 10 if you play him in a positon for long enough…maybe 100 games need to be played but should be possible.- expand the chemistry loyalty system so that players get progressively better.

League or tournament with 5 a side but no goal replays till after the game lol)- in game creation centre for kits this was in football games 20 years ago so its crazy that its not there now ability for one player to switch kits in game but only if both players agree and only once a game.- edit players in your clubs boots, kit, hairstyle etc-players should have better control of the ball when close to the touchline  this has been a problem for a few fifes)-players should be able to turn faster and power bar on passes should charge much quicker.

Stamina of players should be Fifa 17 Coins greatly reduced to stop everyone sprinting the whole time .and players who choose to high pressure the whole time should have an exhausted team in the last 20 mins of the game.-goal keepers should be aware of the position of there own defenders so if a striker only has a very small part of the goal to aim at then a goalkeeper should be more likely to save the shot. possession tackles was a good promise for fifa 15 but it hasnt worked well enough.

It should be greatly increased as most successful tackles should result in the defending team winning the ball.- the first touch of a player should be a individual stat and players with high first touch ratings should have extra option open to them in the way they receive the ball and move with it (just like skill moves .thats even a great buzz phrase for ea first touch.-defenders need to cover each other better-we need to stop the crazy sprint runs that certain fast players can do where they look as if they are skiing through the pitch .the above point about players covering each other better could stop it.
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